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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Unique kick-drum


I am sure that most people have heard the song, a one-hit wonder for the 1969 single, "More Today Than Yesterday".    It was done by the American band, Spiral Starecase.  I have heard this song a million times but I recently heard it for the first time.  I actually was listening to the drum part more closely this time.   I've noticed for the first time that the bass drum was pretty darn cool.   On the hi-hat and snare he's playing a simple ride but the bass drum is kind of doing some sort of off-beat stuff which added a very nice touch to it.   It's hard to explain this. 

I suggest that you give it a listen and focus on the bass drum.

I honestly thank Vinny Parello (their drummer) for having the guts to play this very slick bass drum part out of standard bass drumming.  They were not established as superstars which can restrict them to what they are playing.  Any paying recording studio could hear his bass drumming and not like it or thought it was too messy (which it wasn't) and had them re-record it.   Their manager might have said 'you know, the bass drum and bass guitar have to be in sync during the song. Whatayou doin?'   But luckily it was played the way he liked it and it was officially on the record forever..

Friday, October 28, 2011

I Never Joined The Wave


In 1982 I was 14 and played in Pembroke's baseball league for the Phillies.  What an amazing team that was.  I was the lead off batter, I played first base and our team was undefeated that year.  There was only one other team that kind of came close to us and we played them in finals.  The A's had two very good pitchers and it kept the finals them kind of close.

I was in left field in the last inning of the last game of the finals.  When the last out happened, the whole team went into celebration pileup around the pitcher mound.

But I can see in head what happened.  As I was jogging in and smiling.  I felt it kind of silly to be jumping into a celebration pileup.  I never threw my worries or embarrassment of whatnot to the side to be in this moment.  I haven't been on a moment like this since.   I probably should have not cared about whatever I was seemingly concerned with.  Was I concerned with being seen doing the jump in the pileup?  Was I embarrassed to get into the celebration?  I guess... I'm not sure.

It seems to be how I approach my life.  I either don't feel like or don't want to fell like the "what's everyone else doing" crew.  It could be that I just feel different to a point.  I mean I can get with a group and play a great game.  But I'm always trying to find a way that the crew is taking something somewhere, a different way.  When the whole group is leaving a place they choose to go this way. I want to find another way.

Would I be alone all my life or would I find the niche in life and make something special happen?

God Bless!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Right Arm

Good Morning
I feel a good feeling this morning.  Yes I am tired because staying up until 1am will hurt ya.  But I did sleep until 9am.  Your conversation last night with me was (I can't find the right word) respectful and  loving.  GOd bless that.  I feel like there is hope.  I know a respected feeling between us is powerful.   I am sure that the respected and attracted person was put away after a while and a goofy and an angry.

My Right Arm
My right hand just is a pain.  It doesn't fully suck because it good be so much worse.  There are just agravating thing that get in the way.  First it is double clicking on a mouse (computer).  I don't have that easy double click.  I have to almost coordinate to do it quick.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am back to blog world :-)

Hi there reader. I just want to talk quickly about my latest place in life. I had a stroke on June 11, 2009. Due to this, I cannot yet write how I used to. So I am going to change my style of writing. I am going to write in a short style which include wit but at other time could be more serious.

God Bless everyone who was there for me.

Thank you mostly to my wife for her resolute and unshakable faith which led to many medical decisions that were correct and saved my life. I love you!

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Special Moment

{I got a stroke on June 11, 2009. This happened on November 23, 2009. The poster on this was corrected by his speech therapist.}

I have to mention to you about what happened to me recently. I have a copy sheet containing my list of logins and passwords. I knew that before my stroke I put it in the list and saved it on a copy of an external hard drive. When I first came home from the hospital in July, my first attempt was to get my password list and login to my computer. The problem was I did not find it on the list. For several months I could not use this computer. In late November, I thought I would call work and ask them if they could check on my desk for the password since I don't have it here. I called my friend, Bob, but he could not find it.

The other day I was sitting at my desk trying to find what it is. We need to maybe somehow get into the computer to see the now, very important files. I tried a couple of things and that didn't work. In the quiet place I felt the need to bring this issue to God. I prayed to Him and asked. Nothing immediate happened so I turned it off and went off to do something new. However, I don't know, but I had the need the check the password list, even though I had done it a hundred times. I went downstairs and pulled up the password list. The first thing that I saw on the list was the password!! I ran upstairs and tried in the login and password and it worked! I praise God for what I had never seen before but I see now! Praise God.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trial lawyers hurt the poor

We had a cookout on Sunday for several members of the family. When everyone left I realized that we a bunch of leftover hamburgers and hot dogs. I tried to get family to take some home and they did but I still had a lot left. At that point I could either freeze them or eat burgers every day for a while. However, I thought to myself that it would be great to bring these to a homeless shelter and let those folks eat well at no cost to the shelter.

Then it occurred to me, if one of them gets sick and some trial lawyer can attribute it to the hamburgers I donated then I would be sued. Then again maybe I wouldn't. Not willing to take that risk I put the extra burgers in my freezer for another time. I wonder how much good, fresh food is thrown out daily or put back in the freezer instead of being brought to feed the hungry simply because the donor is afraid of being sued?

The irony here is that trial lawyers typically vote for the Democrat candidate in droves. The same Democrat candidate that will usually demagogue about how the Republicans don't care about the poor and want to starve children.

Think about it.

Another Bush 41 ingrate

I have always had the opinion that George H. W. Bush did two phenomenal things; The appointment of Clarence Thomas and The Gulf War. He also did to disasterous things; The appointment of David Souter and reneging his 'no new taxes' pledge.

I have rarely felt that Souter's opinions while on the Supreme Court were very good, especially his decision on private property a few years ago. However what this ingrate has done now simply makes me shake my head. Why is he retiring from the court now, in 2009? Why couldn't he retire in 2008 to give Bush 43 (the son of the man who appointed him) a chance at another nominee. Instead he waits a year and lets Obama get a pick.

David Souter is one of the greatest supreme court dissapointments in my lifetime and Bush 41's biggest mistake.